Saturday, August 15, 2009

PBMS version 0.5.09 has been released.

A new release of the PrimeBase Media Streaming engine is now available for download at .

The main focus of this release was to provide the features required to make PBMS production ready and with the addition of transaction support and engine level backup I think it is almost there. The engine does not yet provide engine level replication but it will in a future release.

What's new:
  • PBMS now provides two methods to backup the BLOB repository which are documented here.
  • PBMS now supports transactions independently of the storage engine.
  • There is now a PHP extension for PBMS. Check it out!
  • The interface between PBMS and storage engines has been greatly simplified so that PBMS support can be added directly to MySQL or other engines such as InnoDB by applying a simple patch to the handler as talked about in an earlier blog here.
What's Next:

The next step is to take this version and do extensive testing to make sure it is stable. There are a few known bugs listed in the To-Do list that I need to fix and as I add more test cases and do more stress testing I am sure I will find more.

The S3 Cloud support, which was mentioned here, has been pulled out of this release and I want to get it back in as soon as possible.

I also plan to make some patches available that can be applied to MySQL or InnoDB to make them PBMS enabled.

And of course I need to get PBMS into Drizzle. That isn't really that much work, I have already had it running with Drizzle but I have been waiting to get a stable full feature version first. I think what I have now is close enough so I will be working on this shortly.

What's after that:

Once I get the current version running stably with no major bugs or limitations and have taken care of the above mentioned issues, I plan on working on the following .

  • Remote repositories: the entire repository is stored somewhere other than in the MySQL data directory, most likely on a different machine entirely. This is different from cloud storage in that the entire repository is stored remotely instead of just the BLOB data. The remote repository server would be a standalone PBMS HTTP server providing clients with access to the BLOB data stored in the repository. The standalone PBMS HTTP server could in turn be using cloud storage so that the BLOB data itself was stored in a cloud. A solution like this should be able to work with the NDBCLUSTER storage engine.
  • Engine level replication: This would be done similar to the remote repository but the data would be stored in the local repository as well as being forwarded to the slave servers.
  • Incremental backup. This allows you to basically sync the current state of the BLOB repository with that of a backup. To do this all new BLOBs and BLOB references in the current database would be added to the backup and BLOBs and BLOB references in the backup that no longer exist in the current database would be removed. In this way only the new data is copied to the backup location.

As usual if you have any questions about PBMS and BLOB storage please send them to me and I will do my best to answer them.