Thursday, September 18, 2008

BLOB streaming has changed its name and home

Hi all,

So you may have been thinking that maybe calling something "MyBS" was not such a great marketing idea. Even as a developer I have to admit that it isn't the best name abbreviation to have. So we decided to change it. We considered calling it the "BLOB Streaming Engine" but that resulted in the abbreviation "BSE" which also isn't so great. What we have finally settled on is the "PrimeBase Media Stream" engine or "PBMS" which I think is fairly safe.

We have also relocated the source for PBMS from sourceforge  onto LaunchPad where you can find it at:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alpha release v05.05 of the BLOB Streaming Engine

Alpha version 5.05 of the BLOB streaming engine for MySQL has been released. You can download the source code from The documentation has also been updated .

What's new in 5.05:

  • A 'C' API has been added for client applications. It provides all the basic functions needed to connect to the BLOB streaming engine and upload and download BLOBs efficiently.
  • A test client application has been added to the project to demonstrate the use of the new API.
  • Added discover table support for the engine's system tables.
  • Simplified the configuration: To configure the engine all you have to do is provide the path to the MySQL source tree (after building MySQL). All build options are taken from the MySQL build.
  • And of course there are assorted bug fixes, details of which are listed in the Changelog.

Of interest to other engine developers may be the way that I implemented 'discover tables'. I have created a very generic function that takes a structure similar to that used by schema plug-ins and generates the required 'frm' file. Implementation is contained in the file and you can see how it is used in