Thursday, July 8, 2010

PBMS is in the Drizzle tree!

If you haven't already heard PBMS is now part of the Drizzle tree.

Getting it there was a fair bit of work but not as much as I had thought it would be. The process of getting it to work with Drizzle and running it thorough Hudson has improved the code a lot. It is amazing what some compilers will catch that others will let by. I am now a firm believer in treating all compiler warnings as errors.

I am just in the process of updating the PBMS plugin so that it will build and install the PBMS client library ( as well as the plugin. The PBMS client library is a standalone library that can be used to access the PBMS daemon weather it is running as part of MySQL or Drizzle. So a PBMS client library built with Drizzle can be used to access a PBMS daemon running as part of MySQL and vice-versa.

There is also PHP extension for PBMS that is basically just a wrapper for the library. Currently this is part of the PBMS project on launchpad but I am working on getting it into pecl. The PHP extension has a set of test cases with it which is what I use to test PBMS with.

If anybody is interested in taking on the task of creating a python module for PBMS I would be happy to provide what ever help you may need. I think it would just be a wrapper around the PBMS client library almost identical to the PHP extension. I would recoment just taking the PHP extension and converting it.

Now that I have PBMS in Drizzle I am planning on getting replication working with PBMS. I have decided that the best way to do this is to do a bit of work rearranging how PBMS uses the BLOB URLs to reference the BLOB data. The URLs already contain a server, database, and table id so the plan is to change things so that PBMS can handle BLOB URLS from other servers being inserted or referenced. Once this is working then I will automatically have replication and 95% of what is needed to support clustered servers.

I will go into detail on this in a later posting which will include pretty pictures.


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