Thursday, July 22, 2010

PBMS version 0.5.015 beta has been released.

A new release of the PrimeBase Media Streaming daemon is now available for download at .

This release doesn't contain any major new features just some bug fixes and a lot of house keeping changes.

If you look at the download section on you will see that there are now more packages that can be downloaded. I have separated out different client side components from the PBMS project and created separate launchPad projects for each one. You can see them listed in the "Related Links" side panel to the right of this post.

  • The "PBMS Client Library" facilitates communication with the PBMS daemon. This library is independent of the PBMS daemon's host server and can be used to communicate with a PBMS daemon hosted by the MySQL or Drizzle database servers.
  • The "PBMS PHP extension" is a PHP module that enables PHP to connect directly to the PBMS engine and stream BLOB data in and out of a MySQL or Drizzle database.
  • The "Streaming enabled JDBC Driver" is a streaming enable version of the standard MySQL Connector/J, JDBC Driver.
One minor new feature that was added is that the PBMS HTTP server how understands the HTTP "range" header that can be used to request a section of BLOB data. The Client Library and PHP extension have both been updated with pbms_get_data_range() functions.

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